Monday, June 14, 2010


alright this may be a dumb issue to rite about but I think I would like to talk about it.
so in the beginning of this year the cafeteria ladies would always let us take money off our cards but toward the end they said that we had to leave it on there. so the problem i have with this is i think that it is our money and it should be our decision what we do with it. so if we put money on our cards and we want to take some off to bye a drink or something we should be able to.

poetry friday

I really love poetry friday!
I have learned so much from that and i really love it because even before this year i have always like righting poems and now we get to do it for school work so it is so much righing poems and reading poems in class i think i have expanded my vocabulary so much and i have learned not every poem had to rime, they can also express how you feel in just five lines.

english fun!!!

bye being in this english class i have learned so much. we do SSR every day and that really helped me with my reading. throughout this year i have read at least 11 books. also bye being in this english class i have learned to be more patient and iv learned that i definetly like working with hands on projects more then just righting stuff down. next year i would like to re-read romio and juliet because i think this year we just flew through it and we did not do enough projects with it.


one of the books that i read this year for SSR is called the chosen one. it was about this girl who lived in this closed community and she did not like it there. she bet this boy and she fell in love with him but she was already do to get married. she did not want to get married not only because she did not get to choose who she was marrying but also because the person that chose her was he uncle. so one day this guy tht drove to there community everyday to sell books told her to get in and he would get her out of there. she ended up getting chased bye the people that were in charge of the community and they driver was killed, but she did not want to give up so that night she went over to the old broken up car and and drove right out of that place.